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Back to Roots Tarmack Championship



The purpose of the Back to Roots Tarmack Championship (BRTC) is to try to make grassroots rallying more affordable. The BRTC has events spread evenly throughout the year to minimise the impact on any one wage packet! Every event in the Championship aims to keep their entry fee as cheap as possible and registration to the Championship is just £10 for the year.

Car Specification

We have purposely kept the specification required for vehicles as minimal as possible so that there is a chance of winning a class or even the Championship in a car that does not have the advantages of some of the higher spec cars. 


Where does it take place?

There are events spread across Scotland and the North of England to ensure the calendar has a wide variety of different venues and also so the Championship does not ask for more commitment from volunteers and officials just from Scotland.  We have one event, Kinloss, that is just about a closed road rally in a single venue environment, another that gives 60 stage miles for the entry fee (Kinloss) and Condor which is still undergoing improvement.  These Condor MSC venues are coupled with events ran by other Motor Clubs to give a varied and comprehensive mix of rallying for competitors throughout the championship year.

See this year's Calendar of Events here



We also decided that the Championship would be non-profit making so therefore, our sponsors have generously given prizes for competitors ranging from discounts on rallying essentials to prizes of a pair of brake pads at each rally.

Future Plans

In the future, the aim is to increase the number of venues on the list whilst keeping the yearly number of events to 7 or 8 so that we can rotate venues and provide variety year on year.  All events on the calendar will have been competed at by an official prior to going on to the calendar in order to ensure they are value for money in the spirit of the Championship.

We hope the Championship will go from strength to strength as it becomes established and is an enjoyable and affordable one for you to take part in!

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