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We Need You!

We have the entries, now we need marshals! The lynchpin of our whole sport!

Without the volunteers who freely give up their time to help ensure the safety of all of us involved in the sport, events could not happen.

Thanks to all those who have registered so far. Events like this are built on people-power. We need you and a few more! It doesn’t matter whether you have masses of experience of marshalling, or virtually none, we will welcome you and help you find a suitable role.

If you are interested in getting involved, please register as a Marshal on this exciting, full entry motorsport event by clicking on the link below.

Safety is paramount on any motorsport event now, and as such Motorsport UK requires all marshals to be registered and for them to have undertaken a short online training course. This online training course takes less than 45 minutes to complete, and once complete you can then register, for free, as a marshal with Motorsport UK. The online training can be accessed via the following link:

If you do wish to marshal on the event you will need to be a Motorsport UK (MUK) Registered marshal and have undertaken Motorsport UK’s on-line accreditation modules. These are great learning and/or refresher modules. If you haven’t already done them it’ll take you between 20 – 45 minutes to run through the learning elements and either learn something new or refresh your memory. There is a small assessment at the end of each module so you can check your learning.

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